Monday, September 13, 2010

Table Design rectangular table

table. The table, for which a primary key table forms a relationship, is called a foreign key table. A foreign key table contains a foreign key. A foreign key is the field, of the secondary table, that corresponds to the primary key of a primary key table. The primary key field and foreign key field should, ideally, have the same name, but it is not a requirement. Table Design rectangular table
Integrity examines the state of relationships. Microsoft Access allows you to enforce referential integrity to ensure that relationships between tables are valid. However, you must, first, establish integrity between two open tables. In order to establish integrity between two tables, both tables must be stored in the same database or linked in Microsoft Access format, not external sources. A relational database table does not need to have a primary key. In order to establish integrity, however, at least one table must contain a primary key field. With the exception of text fields, the matching fields of a relationship must share the same data type and be the same size. Text fields need not have the same size. Though the rules of integrity do not require text fields to be the same size, size differences may lead to unpredictable results, when used in queries. The data type of auto-number fields is of the type long-integer. feature table design from Shopify over on Pattern Tap and I was like DAMN SHOPIFY, that is one sexy table. I was inspired to try and replicate it. First in Photoshop, then in HTML/CSS. Recreating cool stuff you find on the web is definitely an excise I recommend (a few days after, I read this – couldn’t agree more). As these exercises typically do, it lead me down some interesting paths.

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